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Martins Made in Mexico

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

This past weekend I had the opportunity to witness my two friends tie the knot! I've been to a couple weddings, but this one felt a bit different. Come along as I walk you through the weekend for #MartinsMadeInMexico at El Dorado Royale Maya/ Cancun!


After a quick 2 hour flight, I made it safely to the resort and checked into my room that I shared with Josh's best friend, who was also the videographer for the wedding. Our room was amazing with a breath taking view from the balcony.

Josh and Trevor paired with an amazing travel professional, Jennifer to plan the events. However, naturally the ceremony was the highlight of everyones weekend.


From hanging out at the resort's bar with friends and family of the couple to karaoke near the beach, there were so many moments that would be impossible to forget. The rehearsal dinner, ceremony, celebration, and farewell brunch were all intimate and beautiful moments; it was truly a special time.

Aside from this wedding taking place on a gorgeous beach and being so visually appealing, it also meant so much more.

People get different things from weddings. Some are emotional because they connect with the couple getting married. I, on the other hand believe people get emotional because they start thinking if it's possible for them. Maybe they're taken back to their own wedding day. It opens up all these emotions and feelings of pure happiness.

I don't usually get emotional during weddings, but this one was a complete tear jerker!

Ebony, sister of the groom (Josh).

Josh and Trevor's wedding meant something huge for me. It was amazing to see them have such a huge support system there with no judgement. As there were several guest apart of the LGBTQIA community, this was a special Moment because we got to see #LoveWin right before our eyes!

For years, as a gay black man I've always dreamed about having a day just like this! A day that my family would accept me for who and I am, and embrace the person I love. Seeing my friends have exactly that was heartwarming, and I instantly admired them for their bravery!

We got to witness both moms walk their boys down the aisle, and even see both dads tear up while giving their speeches. This evening felt like pure magic!


The boys looked dapper as they arrived to the celebration wearing black and ivory tuxes from Bravo Tux. From the perfect playlist, cocktails on the beach with no shoes, and an amazing candle lit dinner this weekend was blissful!

For more moments during this weekend follow the hashtag #MartinsMadeInMexcio on Facebook and Instagram to see what the guest had to share!


Thank you for reading, and thanks to Josh and Trevor for allowing me to be a part of their special day!

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