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Holiday SneakHER

Hey Friends!

So, a few weeks ago I had the chance to collaborate on a holiday shoot with

CNKDaily for their latest SneakHER Girls Guide! First of all, everything they do is dope and I was very honored they reached out to me to curate the set design for the shoot.

Our motto and theme this holiday season for us at Tailored Moments is

Make It Pop! Rather that be your personality, your style, or that special flare you bring to the room... we encourage you to stand out! When thinking of the holiday's you have to think about the party. That quickly translates into what to wear! The ladies at CNKDaily created a great guide and blog write up on how to incorporate your SneakHER style for this festive time of year.


"One thing we pride ourselves on here at CNKDaily is our commonality. We totally get that being a woman often feels like a full-time job and sometimes, you just need a little help, a little bit of instruction and, ultimately, a way to make your life just a LITTLE bit easier."

When coming up with the design esthetic for the shoot I really wanted to capture my passion for creating my own tradition. In a previous blog post about gift wrapping, I mentioned creating your own color stories. When you think of the holidays it's easy to go straight to red red! It's expected to use traditional ornaments for the tree and more specific to this blog post... wear heels with your dress!

I went with a warm color pallet that included oxblood, maroon, wine... (whatever makes you happy), mustard, and navy. To me this felt fun, yet also very transitional from Thanksgiving, to Christmas, right in to New Years Eve! The ladies a part of this shoot really brought the design to life and their style choices were spot on to what Tailored Moment's holiday theme is truly about.

As you scroll through some of the images from our shoot be inspired to create your own traditions, and Make It Pop!


Visit to see what the ladies had to say about their looks and more tips on incorporating your SneakHER style to the holiday party!

Set Design: Servanté Cook - Tailored Moments

Design Assistant: Malcolm Clay-Arnold

Photographer: Jontrice Murray

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