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#FriendorsWeLove The Festive Collective

I stumbled across BASH Party Goods over a year ago, and finally found a place that understands me. We've grown our vendor list over the last year, and BASH has been a great online go-to #FriendorsWeLove. BASH offers so many interesting patterns and color schemes to choose from. The decor designs spark lots of inspiration, and I'm completely obsessed! I love how well the product photographs, and how easy it is to mix and match.

Over the weekend, I we took a trip to Chicago and paid the mastermind behind all this quirkiness a visit! Angela, founded BASH some years ago as a online shop. Later she opened The Festive Collective selling all things BASH, along with some other unique party/gifting items.

After shopping around for some goodies to take back home, I had a sit down with Angela and her gorgeous daughter; who's quite the Instagram star. We talked about inspiration, interesting parties, and locals! Check out the full interview below.


What does inspiration mean to you, and when are you inspired the most?

- Inspiration is like this on-going movement. I feel like it starts with a spark. It's a feeling, and very energy based. I'm most inspired when I can't sleep. Never on the internet, that doesn't do for me at all. When I'm kind of alone in the dark, and I'm just forced to get lost in my own head. Sometimes dreams, too! I sleep with a little note book by my bedside and I'll wake up and take notes.

What's the most exciting part about your guest experience at The Festive Collective?

- It's really that first second walking in the door and being overwhelmed by all the color and texture. I try to include a lot of interesting details through out the shop, so they're hit with this overwhelming color explosion.

What makes an event interesting?

- We recently went to a wedding, and the whole experience really was about them showing that they loved all the people who attended. I love how that translates to all events. Everyone should go home just glowing and feelings good vibes.

When preparing for an event, what are your do's and don'ts?

- The major thing that I always try to stay away from is getting so hung up on details that don't actually add anything to the event; like over personalization. I really like to create these super interesting moments through-out the event that people will either want to take photos with, or interact with. I usually try to pick a theme for events, and use that theme to inspire those little moments.


In Chicago? Visit Angela and her team at

"The Festive Collective" shop & studio!

3279 W. Armitage Ave.

Chicago, IL. 60647

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