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The Gifts!

For me, shopping for the perfect gift has always been a highlight of mine for the holidays. Not really because of the gift itself, but because I take gift wrap real serious! I also acknowledge that this part of gift giving is stressful for most people and I hope that’s why you’re here.

Let’s take a moment to understand some important facts. One, kid’s don’t really care what the packaging looks like unless it involves another gift. Don’t worry, I’ll get to that. However adults will have a bigger appreciation for your wrapping skills. Not to mention whatever’s in that box just got 10 times more interesting because of the packaging.

I wanted to highlight three things to keep in mind while searching for the perfect packaging to make your gifts pop this holiday season!

1. Don’t Be Cheesy

  • This is the first mistake people make when getting gift wrap. Stay away from that big bin from 5 years ago that keeps growing with recycled wrapping paper. Keep it fresh. Trust me on this one!

  • Anything that’s super “Christmas” themed is just tired and played out. I personally stay away from red, green and white combinations. Oh, and anything that has Santa on it! Gross.

  • I love to create my own color stories. You’ll see on Tailored Moments Pinterest that I’m loving darker color blocking and monochromatic pallets. Simplicity always steal the show and it makes your gifts look high-end! Colors like forest green, gray and dark red/ ox blood are all super classic. You can then add a pop of gold or silver for fun.

2. Be Personal

With gift giving it’s always special to add something that truly connects to the person you’re giving the gift to. The effort you take with this part will go a long way!

A couple personalization tips would be:

  • Leaving a handwritten note inside the box, on top of your tissue paper before they get to the gift

  • Purchase blank wrapping paper to stamp on or write cool notes on the actual gift wrap

  • Instead of writing a name on the tag, maybe write a quote or something more personal

3. A Keepsake Element

Who doesn’t love a gift that keeps on giving? Adding a keepsake element to your gift wrap is super thoughtful and it’ll make you look like a gifting pro!

A couple of keepsake tips would be:

  • Use an ornament connected to the ribbon and bow. They can use this for their tree decorating this year and years to come! Ornaments are great conversation starters, be sure to get something interesting.

  • A key or another small item that possibly connects to the handwritten note inside the box. This is a great way to tell a story from opening the gift, all the way to it’s big reveal!

Now that you’ve read through this blog post, I hope you feeling inspired to give thoughtful gifts this year with packaging that’ll Make it Pop!

Visit the Tailored Moment’s Pinterest Board of our favorite Pins for Gift Wrap!


Let’s Make it Pop!


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