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The Dinner Party!

With Christmas and New Year's Eve around the corner, you’re attending dinner parties or may be hosting one yourself! I wanted to give you three of my favorite tips on how to curate the perfect Moment for your guests.

Always remember to not take yourself too seriously, remember it’s a party!

  1. The Guest List

Coming up with who you’re going to invite is more important than what you may think. It’s beyond a simple group text asking people to respond separately. You want to ask yourself a couple question while curating your guest list.

  • “Who’s interesting?” Having a mixture of guest that will spark conversation with anyone is great! I love mixing people from different creative and professional backgrounds.

  • “Who will appreciate the Moment?” You’ll be putting together a great dinner party, the food will be well prepared, and the table will be flawlessly decorated. Be sure you invite people who'll be wow’d and appreciate every touch!

  • “How many people will come?” Keep it intimate! I love one table that everyone can be seated at comfortably. I’m partial to a long rectangular table, however, round tables are fun too! With dinner parties too large it's easy to lose its charm.

2. The Perfect Playlist

The music can make all the difference. Having a DJ is helpful so you wont have to worry about managing the tunes. However, I say save that money for decor touches and create a playlist that sets the right vibe for your guests. There's something special about coming up with the playlist yourself; it's also a great way to spark conversation! Here's a couple things to consider while curating the playlist.

  • If your dinner party will last for about 4 hours you want to make sure your playlist is at least that long. It should play on shuffle... set it... forget it!

  • Know your guests but stay true to the vibes your setting. You don't want to throw the vibe off by playing “Back That A$$ Up” during dinner. I love mixing in tracks that don't have lyrics. Kaytranada and Odesza are both great choices to consider.

  • The volume is important! Make sure it’s loud enough so people can hear it, but not so loud that they're yelling while trying to have a conversation over a cocktail. Over hearing “omg, I’m sorry I love this song," will make you proud as a host!

3. The Dinner Table

For me, this is the most exciting part! I enjoy setting the table and adding elements that my guests will never forget. Always remember that the the food and the conversation are the focus of the table. Huge centerpieces and tight eating spaces are easy ways to make your guests uncomfortable. You want them to feel welcomed to the table and not feel like it’s too pretty to mess up! Fancy table settings might make your guests feel like they can't dive in.

  • Table Setting! Here's a image I created to help guide you on how to set your silverware and glassware for the table.

  • This is considered an informal setting. I love it because it's simple and it ties back to my earlier tip on not creating an uncomfortable space for your guests to eat. I'll point out what each item is for.

a: the dinner plate (you can stack the salad plate and soup bowl on top)

b: dinner fork

c: salad fork (remove the fork if there's no salad)

d: napkin (i love to add this under or on top of the plate to save table space)

e: dinner knife

f: soup spoon

g: water & wine glasses

h: bread plate & knife

i: dessert spoon (this could also be a fork if you're serving cake)

  • Decor! This really depends on what type of dinner you're hosting. If the food will be served to your guests, this gives you more room to decorate. If you're hosting a family style dinner (which I love), you don't want too much on the table because the food will take the center!

- Fresh flowers are always a great touch. I love name cards and candles!

Here's a few shots from our holiday staging shoot.

Shot by "Tailored Moments - Friendor We Love," Fredis B and floral arranged by Holly's Bouquet.


So now that you have a few tips on curating the perfect dinner party, what are you waiting for? Tag @TailoredMoments in your instagram photos this holiday season.

Have an amazing time at The Dinner Table this year! Keep the conversations interesting and the cocktails flowing!

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