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Bar Carting

I'm mildly obsessed with bar carts and it’s versatility for parties. I decided to share my tips on how to set up your cart for intimate party Moments.

Step 1. | What’s to drink?

  • Don't do the most. The bar cart is not the place you learn how to be a mixologist. Keep it moving… people are waiting.

  • Never have bottles of alcohol no one drinks. Know your guest

  • Keep your mixers simple. Coke, cranberry, spritzer… and maybe something fruity

Step 2. | The Essentials

  • Depending on how crazy your guest may be, they might need glasses to drink from. I love heavy, and short cocktail glasses; but it’s always fun to add drink ware with odd shapes or textures. *Don’t forget the straws!

  • You’ll need napkins. Think of something colorful or with funny text

  • Stirring sticks, cocktail picks, a muddler, and a cocktail shaker (with strainer)

  • Ice bucket with scooper. I like to keep this on the bottom shelve

Step 3. | The Pop! (of fun…)

  • This is the fun part… to me at least. You can add some color and personality to the cart based on the theme of your party, or just because. Make a statement!

  • I love greenery/ fresh flowers or even balloons

  • Use some fresh fruit like lemons, strawberries or oranges

  • If there’s room, add a sweet snack like cupcakes or donuts

For more images from our styled shoot at Sharespace head over to Tailored-Moments !

📸 : Jesus Perez

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